Docufind is a HiTech on-line search and supply business helping people and corporates find a host of mis-placed documents and information.

Highly experienced researchers using our proprietary technology provide fast and efficient services to both individuals and corporate entities. Whether it’s a lost Birth Certificate or complex court papers relating to a major contract dispute, we can find them….and quickly!

Located in London’s prestigious financial district, Docufind and it’s associated group companies and partners has rapidly grown from its inception to become a market leader in its sector and crossing International boundaries.

Our ‘mission’ is to make lost and hidden information available to its rightful owner through the use of proprietary technology and decades of people experience.

About Us

Docufind provides comprehensive on-line investigation services to consumers and corporates to assist with dispute resolution in a wide variety of complex matters including financial and property matters. Property disputes, issues with establishing personal identification, probate issues and many more services that relate to lost or hidden documentation and information.

Our Services

Personal Documents

Birth and Death Certificates. Marriage,
divorce and adoption papers

Property Documents

Deeds, Grants and Land Registry details
Energy Performance Certificates
Party Wall Agreements

Financial Documents

Life Insurance Policies
Mortgage Agreements

For more information

For more information about our products and services or to speak to an advisor go to our Contact Page and complete the form, or call us on 0333 090 7837 or email